This blog is because i have noticed there is pretty much zero information on the internet about WOMEN working in the LEGAL sex industry and earning a good income in victoria…my main aim is to reach women who want to EXPLOIT their EROTIC CAPITAL …THE X FACTOR its the sex factor…



What does the law say about having sex for money in Victoria?


In Victoria, the current regulatory system for sex work is licensing. Licensing creates a two-tiered sex industry where a small percentage of the industry can meet compliance requirements while the majority of the industry cannot and is forced to operate outside of the legal framework.

Licensing limits sex workers’ choices over our working environment and style of work, by providing incentives and punishments to effectively coerce sex workers into Government-approved work.

Licensing means reduced options for sex workers and reduced control over working environments and safety.

The Victorian legislation is governed by the: Sex Work Act 1994 (formerly known as the “Prostitution Control Act 1994”), Sex Work Regulations 2016 (which saw the Sex Work Regulations 2006 revoked), and the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008.


  • [1] Brothel Work
  • [2] Licensed Brothels
  • [3] Small- Owner Exempt Brothels
  • [4] Escort Agencies
  • [5] Private Escorts/Sex Workers
  • [6] Street Based Sex Work

To view a pdf file of the entirety of the Sex Work Regulations 2016 (part of which includes advertising regulations) see here. (Opens new window)

Why are sexworker jobs not advertised?

The entire “Advertising Controls” section of “Sex Work Regulations 2016” can be accessed here.

What types of businesses are in the industry?…

What type of work is available?..

How much money can I earn?

Is it safe?

Etc etc…